Icon Fonts are becoming most popular among web designers because of their infinite scalability and improved load time up to 15% relative to PNG, JPG or other icon file formats. The main benefit that icon fonts offers are they are vector in nature, can be used anywhere (where we can use the font, the same is true for icon fonts), Improved load time, Can be resized between 8px to 1024px, and the perfect resolution in all devices (Pixels not scattered). If you search on the internet with icon font keyword you will see that lots of professional websites are providing this service such as Typeicons, Linecons, Font Awesome and Entypo etc. You can easily create and add the icons in your website using one or multiple service provider. With the advance in icon technology there are also other tools are developed to get more from it. Now with this tool you an easily make your custom icons with different sizes and color variations. There are also some pre-made styles in different design such as flat, round and more that you can apply on your project. So, this is the cool tool and in future we expect it will be more powerful by including more icon fonts in select icon section.

Iconion: Free icon Maker

But the Question is that What if you want to use the Icon fonts for your Mobile or Desktop App? It’s got simple by Iconion

What is Iconion?

Iconion is a free icon maker that enables you to convert and customize the icon fonts into PNG, BMP, JPEG and ICO. This is really a cool place to play with icons where you can play with background color, Size (between 8px to 1024px), Background gradient, border, shadow, stroke, Blur, opacity, stroke and radius etc. The cool thing is that it offers the popular icon fonts services just likeTypeicons, Linecons, Font Awesome and Entypo by which you can select your desired icon to make it perfect your project.

Iconion Icon maker preview

How to Use Iconion?

Iconion has the modern user interface which looks cool and easy. There are three Panels of your interest where you can play with icons.
The left panel allows you to select your desired icon from Typeicons, Linecons, Font Awesome and Entypo. You can select one or multiple and the style that you apply will also be applied on your selected icon or selected multiple icons.

Iconion select Icon

 The right panel allows you to style your selected icon/icons that is a fun to play with. There are lots of options that you can use to style or use the pre-made customized templates.

Iconion style icons

 And the last middle/center panel will preview your changes and customization on your selected icons. The preview is instantly update when you make any change.

Iconion save and preview

You can customize the multiple icons and save them in PNG, JPEG and BMP file format. Also there is the option of Custom size.

Iconion save icons


It offers two licenses. One is the free use (You can use for personal projects). And the second one is to use Iconion for Commercial purpose.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article and love to make icons on Iconion. We just need your support in the form of share, subscribe and comment that make our efforts fruitful.
Enjoy! (:

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