Below is the Best Online Character/Letter Count Tool that you can use for free to quickly determine the total letters in your text.

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If you're a webmaster and you've ever needed to submit your link to an online directory or link exchange which limits the number of characters or number of words that you can use for your site description then you surely know what a pain it can be to add extra (above from the mentioned limit) words or characters! Due to this reason, we offer the following "cut and paste" free online character counting tool to help you to quickly determine the number of characters contained in any phrase.
1) Remove Paste your Text here to count! From TEXTAREA & paste your own text.
2) Click Calculate Characters Button Below.
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This is the best free online character count service that you can use for unlimited time to count. It’s user-friendly and has quickly way to count the characters with the help of JavaScript. There are multiple choices are available on the internet to get this service for free and we also offer it as a proud to NDW. Here, we are listing the main benefits that you can avail from this tool. The first one is the submission of your article to various directories having bound to remain in a certain limit of words and characters. So, you can easily count according to their requirements before submitting. Second one, while posting your article you need to give a search description that is limited by Google, Yahoo and other search engines. You can give the appropriate text description by counting. So, there are many others ways by which you can use this free tool.
Hope you like it. In the future we will develop some other useful tool for webmasters and designers. Currently, we are working on it. If you think we are missing something or the interface is not user-friendly you can tell us in the comment section. We will review and renew our characters counter tool.
Note: If you'd like to have the Characters counter Tool for offline use, just view source and save to your hard drive.

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