Wordpress is the Best CMS as compared to others that really offers the great tools, themes and plugins. You can browse almost every niche plugin on WordPress such as Notification bar on the top that is sticky, author bio box, Maps and many more. Here, in this post we are sharing the free sticky notification widgets for Wordpress blogs/website. As lots of webmasters want to announce some important news for their readers with full attention. This is only possible by the pop up message or by the sticky notification massage. By using the bar you can easily announce the important, events, discounts, coupons and much more. And I think it’s more reliable way to notify your visitors. You can see the live examples over top websites and they have got lots of subscription and much more benefit right from the sticky bar. You can also use it to gain the attention of visitors to some of your news, event and promotions etc. This can be very helpful for any website/blog.

In the below collection you will find the free collection with full features from trusted developers. So, read the full instructions and documentations while installing on your blog/website. Some plugins offers even more features such as custom preset multiple color schemes, cool J-query Fade-in and out animation and fast loading without hurting your blog speed. So, just grab the best plugin to make notification, announcements and get attraction of your latest promotion. And we hope it will have positive impact on your blog.

Sticky Notification Bar For WordPress

Sticky Notification Bar is a cool concept of showing a cool bar on top when the user scrolls down your page so that he come back to stop or use the

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins


WordPress Notification Bar

This is simple and minimal sticky notification widget that lets you to easily inform some important announcements. This come in multi-color skins, easy customization options and installations. Also pr-designed custom message and call to action buttons.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins


NotifySnack is a powerful and easy to use application that lets you to design different sticky bars in different colors and various purposes. There are multiple colors and themes to choose from. easy to install that allows yo to show twitter & RSS feed and other necessary announcements.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Notification Bar

A simple notification bar plugin which allows you to add a notification bar on the top of your wordpress site. Visitors can easily collapse and open it by using the arrow in the right hand side. It will keep scrolling on the top.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

WP Notification Bar

This plugin comes with the best features that is currently lots of bloggers are using on their site. Color skins, call to action buttons and much more. Increase the users engagement by different coupons and special offers right with this sticky bar at the top.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

InfoBar Top Notification

A easy and quick way to add top notification bar and call to action for your site. Easy way to grab visitors attention. The main features are the
  • Latest Wordpress version fully compatible
  • Supports icons in the bar
  • Attract the users attentions
  • Multiple templates and themes with customize colors.
  • Create unlimited info bars
  • Rebrandable
  • easy to use options
WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Webloggerz WP Floating Footer Bar

This plugin creates a floating footer bar to display random posts from selected categories or via HTML code. Also included social media links.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

FBar Social

FBar Social plugin is a social sticky header bar for wordpress that magically appears at a specific pixel.You can get lots of attentions about sharing and following you on social networks.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

GC Message Bar

This plugin comes with some cool color combinations and is available with mult-color skins to attract your visitors and to get more attentions of your notifications.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins


Create MULTIPLE, ROTATABLE TopBars that will be shown at the top of your website. TopBars are selected by a variety of options - includes scheduler!

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Cunjo: The Best Free Social Share Plugin

Cunjo Social Plugin is a free, pretty, flexible and mobile ready Social Share Plugin with powerful social analytics.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Quick Notice Bar

This plugin will help the admin to publish highlighted notice on WordPress site header. Any message like offline notice, update notice, tweets, special offers, latest post can be set to attract visitors in 1st sight.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Fiat Alert Bar

Create an alert bar that can be edited like a normal post and placed anywhere in your site via the [fiatalert] shortcode.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

WP Hello Bar

Hello bar is the popular notification bar plugin for Wordpress users. It allows multi-color skins and custom call to action buttons.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

WPFront Notification Bar

Want to display a notification about a promotion or a news? WPFront Notification Bar plugin lets you do that easily.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins


If you want to show the news ticker and to announce some special events then you can use this plugin. It offers lots of custom options.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Easy Heads Up Bar

An Easy to use notification (heads up) bar for your WordPress website with a linked call to action and more. easy to install and use in your website.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Sticky Notification Bar For Wordpress

Sticky Notification Bar is a cool concept of showing a cool bar on top when the user scrolls down your page so that he come back to stop or use the navigation or show a constant message that you want to convey to your users.

Free WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Apollo Bar

Apollo Bar is a simple announcements plugin that allows you to create colorful notification bars for your website. Looks attractive and have more features for your website.

Free WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Notification Bar

Notification Bar plugin is beautifully designed with focus on ease of use, No developer logo. This is last in our collection and is best to increae your social subscription.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Hope, you enjoyed the above best collection of sticky notification bars. The entire listed above are cool and using by thousands of bloggers on their websites. So, you can choose the one that looks attractive and make sense for you. In the future posts we will keep sharing the cool wordpress stuff. You can also check the related plugins for wordpress in the below section.

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