Are you looking for some of the great extensions for your joomla website? There are thousands of modules, plugins and extensions are available to download from the Joomla and third party websites. You can make your website a super professional by just using the great modules. You can find the E-commerce, image gallery view, Custom J-query slider with different effects, virtuemart, Protection from hacking and lots more useful extensions are right in the below list. The  great thing is that all are free to use with the latest version and from the trusted developers. You can download and install in your Joomla website and also with the documentation you can easily configure and customize . All the below list includes the must have extensions for all the Joomla users. So, if you want to take your website to the next level you should install the best and required extensions to perform different tasks.
In the below list you will find the best image gallery, content editor, slider, social share and many more cool extensions for yourJoomla website. All offers the unique features and they are easy to install and configure. Due to the ease we are mentioning the name, small description, screenshot and the download link with each extension. There are also some live demo available for photo gallery. There is just a great collection that show you the top rated and most downloaded extensions. You can use them for free with support.


jHackGuard v1.0.9

jHackGuard is designed by SiteGround to protect Joomla websites from hacking attacks. Install JHackguard to your Joomla website and it will protect your site  against SQL Injections, File Inclusions, Remote Code Executions and XSS Based Attacks! Every day 30,000 websites hacked by hackers so it's good to install this shield to being protected from hacking attacks.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


Akeeba Backup

Akeeba is the popular utility for backup your entire website and securing. Easy installation and user-friendly control panel interface. Now, you can easily backup and secure your Joomla website.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


JCE Editor For Joomla!

JCE is a popular WYSIWYG post editor that increase the functionalities by adding some quick and easy to use buttons in your editor. You don't need to know any coding language such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript to create your site content.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


jShareEasy v1.2.0

ShareEasy is a Joomla content sharing module provided by SiteGround. It allows your visitors to share your articles on Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and Google.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


K2 The 'de facto' content solution for Joomla

K2 is the complete replacement of the default article/content system in Joomla. This will allows you to import your article from default Joomla in K2 host.

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JPage translae is powered by Google translate that lets your visitors to easily translate youer site content in their preferred language. It can be installed in your blog sidebar.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


Mobile Joomla- Your site mobilized Instantly.

Mobile Joomla! lets your Joomla site to fully optimized for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Andriod devices with 4x better performance compared to default responsive design for your site.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


Simple Image Gallery For Joomla

Adding image is easy by installing this extension. You can build a cool image gallery with hover effects and other features. Easy to install and use.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


Phoca Gallery

Phoca Gallery lets you to make a gallery of your images or videos with multiple styles and settings. Phoca gallery includes the Modules, Components and plugins.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


Ozio Gallery-responsive and adaptive photo gallery for Joomla!

Ozio Photo gallery is compatible with the latest Joomla version and 2.5. It is responsive that can fit best in all media resolutions and using the great technology of HTML5, CSS and J-query.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


SP Virtuemart Category Megamenu 

Virtuemart is the best E-commerce solution. This extension lets you to add the Megamenu. The big stores with lots of products should have the Megamenu to serve the customers best. This is based on the categories and load the menu according to categories.

Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


SP Virtuemart Product Slider

SP Virtuemart Product Slider lets you to featured out the virtuemart products in a beautiful slider with countdown timer. This is responsive module and is lightweight.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


Xpert Scrollbar For Joomla

XScrollbar is a Joomla! plugin for custom browser Scrollbars. You can customize the color, width and other aspects of scrollbar without any coding. You can customize the look and feel from the control panel of xpert scrollbar.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


Xpert Gallery

Xpert Gallery is an outstanding eye-catching gallery for Joomla. The cool hover effect, other sliding effect and the filtering options makes it awesome.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


JEx Kburns Header  Module

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


POWr Microblog  Module Plugin

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


CC JUser Export New!  Component

Joomla export component allows the administrator to export All the Joomla Users in XLS format. The exported XLS Excel file has the following format :
Name, Login, Email, Group users, active, Activated and All User profile fields.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


My Maps location for Hikashop New!  Plugin

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


BeaCart New!  Component Module Plugin Extension Specific Addon

BeaCart is a beautiful shopping cart extension for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. It comes with the best user-interface with awesome look.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


EasyBlog Support for Social Crossposting New!  Plugin Extension

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


Popunder Popup New!  Plugin

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


Zoho LiveDesk New!  Plugin

Zoho live desk allows you to direct chat with your customers/site visitors. It is the best solution for supporting the customers. Best user-interface with slick design.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


RS search

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


HoverCraft Slideshow

JoomlaXTC HoverCraft Slideshow is awesome CSS3 powered slideshow that plays slides in fast frame by frame animation style on hover.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


SP Social - Free Social module For Joomla

SP Social will display all ‘social plugins‘ available from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Free Joomla  3.x Extensions/Modules


SP Google Chart - Free Google Chart Module for Joomla

SP Google Chart is a unique module that allows you to insert Google Charts in your website.

SP Google Chart Module for Joomla


SP Virtuemart Ajax Search - Best Free Virtuemart Ajax Search Module

SP Virtuemart Ajax Search


Responsive Photo Gallery

Responsive Photo Gallery for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x. It will allows you to make a stunning photo gallery in responsive design. It will adjust in all media resolutions and browsers.

Responsive Photo Gallery



All videos is the video solution for Joomla. It will allows you to easily embed videos hosted on popular services just like YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo inside your article and posts.
Allvideos supported the below list of popular video services.
MySpace Videos
Flickr (Videos)




FLEXIcontent is an advanced CMS developed to replace the native article manager of Joomla! (1.5 2.5 and now 3.2). FLEXIcontent was designed to manage content in a broad sense, and can organise articles, image galleries or a video galleries, job offers, product catalogues, business directories and so on with the single user interface.



JCH Optimize

JCH optimize lets you to take your Joomla website to the next level by increasing the performance. It will Combine external javascript and css files to optimize download time.
With JCH Optimize you can
Mimimize http requests
Reduce Bandwidth

JCH Optimize

All the above Joomla extensions are best that can be used for different purposes as you wish. The interesting point is that  everyone can use them for free to get more from the Joomla CMS. We just list the random extensions that cover different niches. So, hope you guys enjoy!
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