Monarch is no doubt the great sharing plugin developed by elegantthemes.com. It is designed for WordPress users to increase sharing dramatically and to encourage the visitors to share the useful content on your website. It comes with many features and different layout options such as you can put it in the left or right sidebar, use for pop up sharing, bottom slide up sharing and more.
Monarch is comes with over 40 social media icons and 7 different layout and positing features where you can set it out and customize the look. The one thing about this plugin that you love to have in your dashboard is the full analytic of your post sharing that you can see in the plugin analytic tab. The version 1.2 comes with even more features and bug fixed. It comes with even more social media sites ApIs and adavnced pop up sharing options.

Monarch WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugin

Monarch Features

Monarch comes with many features and lots of customization options that are listed below. So, get started to take Social Sharing to the Next Level with MONARCH plugin lets you to increase social media sharing with better design and multiple layout options.

Social media networks to choose from

Monarch comes with top 40 social media network sites icons that you can display on your website. You can add your choices or favorite social network icons and display on your website. You can add Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Digg, Blogger, Buffer, Linkdin, email and more.

Social media networks to choose from

Monarch can be added in 7 different locations

The first version of this plugin lets you to the availability to add social media icons in 5 different locations on your website. The latest version is 2.1 and it is more flexible with even more locations to add the sharing buttons.

Monarch can be added in 7 different locations

Floating Sidebar

Monarch lets you the flexibility to add it in left or right sidebar that will float when the user scroll window. So, it will always appear to the visitor and encourage the visitor to share your valuable content. You can set the buttons in round form or flat ddesign. It's all about the customization as you wish. View Demo

Above & or Below Content

Unlike the Addthis social media sharing it will lets you to add the sharing buttons below or above the content area or post of your blog. It is perfect for blog post sharing with awesome look and perfect analytic.View Demo

On Images & Videos

Monarch is not the just content sharing, but it is much more. It can be added to images and videos on your website to be share. When the user will hover on your image or video the social media icons will appear and lets the visitor to share. So, it is perfect solution for photography and each type of website.View Demo

Automatic Pop-Up

Monarch is powerful solution for pop up sharing with many options that you can set for triggered by timed delays. The popup is effective and will definitely help your business to grow faster on the social media sites. View Demo


Flyin is similar to Pop-Up that you can set with different options such as you can triggered by time delays, page location, or when the user's mouse is leaving the page. View Demo

Clean and Customizable Design

Monarch is no doubt comes with many customizations and style options. It comes with many design possibilities and seamless design integration.
Choose Button Shapes and Hover Effect: There are many possible design that can fit perfect in almost all the media resolutions. You can choose from different button shapes, hover effect that you like in your website. You can pick your icon orination, use the native color or choose your own, display the social media count.

Elegantly Responsive

Monarch is fully responsive in design that can fit perfect in almost all the meida type resolutions. All the designs are fully perfect and are fully responsive in all the media resolutions.

Monarch dashboard

Monarch dashboard is one of the great feature where you can customize the buttons, set different sharing options and see the statistics. You can set your own locations for example inline, pop up, flyin and more.
Monarch dashboard

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