Avephto is a responsive blogger template designed for portfolio, gallery and creative blogs. It comes with multiple layouts, comments system with Disqus, Facebook, Google Plus and the default blogger comments. The template is highly flexible lets you to customize its each part using the blogger template designer. You can choose any of the layouts and install easily on your dashboard. It is 100% responsive which means your website will look pretty in all the media devices including desktop PC, tablet and mobile devices etc.

The good design, better SEO and flexible framework let your blog looks different from others. If you want a dark skin you can use the blogger template designer and within few clicks your all blog will convert into a dark skin. So, Avephto is fun that where you can play with different options easily. You can create portfolio, photography, creative, gallery and app showcase blog. The smooth scroll feature is a great way to easily scroll your blog page.

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Avephto Detailed Features:

Multiple Comments System:Avephto packed with multiple comment system such as disqus, Facebook, Google plus and the official blogger comments.

Animated Skill bars:There is a cool animated skill bar that you can use for your creative portfolio. The bars can be customized and put anywhere in your blog.

Sidebar Multi-tabbed:There is custom multi-tabbed widget space in the sidebar. Here, you can put any widget you want from the layout section.

About Author:At the very bottom of each post, there is a custom designed author box where you can put your name, description and social media icons.

Author Widget:This widget can be used in sidebar, footer or any place in your blog. You can customize it.

Recent Gallery:Avephto offers the cool gallery where you can show, the recent , random or posts based on labels. It's easy to configure.

Related Posts:Related post widget will work automatically. You can set the number of posts to be shown as arelated projects.

Random Post:There is a cool random post widget lets you show the random posts in the footer widget section. You can use this widget anywhere also.

Easy Customization:You can customize each part of this template by using the blogger template designer. Or you can also add your own custom CSS to design elements.

Fast Loading:Avephto loads fast in all the modern web browsers. It means Google loves your blog and the users will be able to see your content more quickly.

SEO Powered:Avephto makes it possible to have SEO in all the parts of template. It is designed to keep all the SEO aspects in consideration.

Responsive Design:Avephto comes with 100% responsive design lets your content to view perfect in all type of media devices such as Tablet, desktop and mobile.

Smooth Scroll:There is a smooth scroll effect on scrolling. Avephto comes with a nice scrolling effect which makes it unique from rest of the blogger templates.

Colors and Fonts:There are unlimited colors and hundreds of Google fonts that you can apply on different parts of this template. It’s just a click away to change color & font.

Custom Lightbox:Avephto comes with custom image lightbox with smooth elastic transition. So, you don’t need to worry about the blogger default image lightbox.

Shortcode:There is custom shortcode to add the buttons, slider and item counter etc. In the next version of Avephto we will create even more shortcodes and much more.

Footer about:Avephto comes with about widget in the footer section as well. Here, you can add some description of your company and provide social media profile links.

Navigation:There is drop down menu to list your blog categories as well as a custom next and previous navigation on the top of post pages to increase page views.

Item Counter:The item counter widget lets you to count your milestones. This widget is 100% customizable which means you can change the color and background etc.

Photo Gallery:We have created a sample of gallery that you can use to create a professional looking photo gallery. You can add any amount to images to gallery.

About page:Avephto comes with modern about page that is professionally designed and customizable. It’s easy to create a well looking about page of your blog.

404 Error Page:Avephto comes with built-in 404 page error which means you don’t need to add it in your blogger dashboard. Also, you can customize this page easily.

Slideshow:Create a stunning slideshow in your posts and pages. It’s easy to add anywhere in your blog. So, enjoy the slider and make your blog even more beautiful.

Social Sharing:The social sharing is easy in Avephto. There is cool social media sharing buttons to promote your website such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

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